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Medalla Real Gran Reserva - Syrah, 2012

ca. 3-6 Tage ca. 3-6 Tage (Ausland abweichend)
12,99 €
17,32 €/l

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Versandgewicht: 1,5 kg je Stück
Weingut: Viña Santa Rita  
Linie: Medalla Real  
Rebsorte: 100 % Syrah - Gran Reserva  
Anbaugebiet: D.O. Limarí Valley, Chile  
Farbe: Rotwein, trocken  
Flaschenverschluss: Korken  
Jahrgang: 2012  
EAN: 7804330001668  
Flaschengröße: 0,75 Liter  
Alkoholgehalt: 14,5 % vol  
Ausbau im Barrique: 12 Monate in französischer Eiche  
Totalsäure: 5,79 g/l  
Restzucker: 2,84 g/l  
Empfohlene Trinktemperatur: ca. 16 °C  

The grapes (not crushed) were cold macerated for 5 days prior to fermentation, then inoculated with selected yeasts. The temperature was gradually raised to allow fermentation to begin, but remained below 28ºC (82ºF) throughout the entire process. Pumpovers were controlled by regular tastings; they were most intense during the early stages of fermentation (including 2 daily delestages before 1050 of density) and tapered off toward the end. An extended post-fermentation maceration allowed the wine to develop greater sweetness and elegance on the palate.

The climate is strongly influenced by the low-lying Coastal Mountains and the Pacific Ocean 28 km (17.5 mi) away. The frequent morning fogs dissipate at midday, allowing the temperature to rise, although they are moderated by cool maritime breezes. The proximity to the sea is also manifested in the somewhat elevated evening temperatures that reach 20 ºC in January, the warmest month of the year.

Winemaker’s comments:
Deep and intense ruby-red color with violet hues. The complex bouquet combines black olives, fresh black fruits like black currant, some spices and minerality. The fresh palate is elegant and concentrated with tremendous balance, and a long, pleasing finish.

Enthält Sulfite.
Østre Boulevard 29
DK-8930 Randers NØ
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